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Your Economy is Dynamic - Stay Informed. JobsEQ is the online access point to your local labor market data.

Access Detailed Local Data.Employment, wages, and demographic data are provided for your region at the zip-code level of detail. Define your region by a radius or drive-time from a street address.

Provide Valuable Industry Insight. JobsEQ helps economic developers identify unique assets within their communities. Provide quality data to your clients describing current industry and demographic trends and targeted labor market information.

Tell Your Story. Quickly and easily create dynamic reports and presentations with impact. Choose charts, tables, and maps to visualize and communicate your big data.  

Pitch Your Pipeline: Site selectors and industry executives respond to data-driven, empirical evidence that your region’s workforce has the skills they demand. Current, occupation-specific data is coupled with education system data to help you describe your area’s talent pipeline.

Understand Your Competitive Position. JobsEQ models project-specific staffing and payroll, helping you understand and assess risks and opportunities. Compare your community with the competition in terms of labor supply, occupation staffing, training assets, and other key areas.

Smart Strategies Require Quality Information. JobsEQ provides industry cluster analyses, easy to understand economic impact analysis, and other decision tools to help you find the best economic development strategy for your area.  

Data You Need, When You Need It. JobsEQ puts the data you need on your desktop, bringing together scores of unique data sources along with Chmura’s proprietary modeling and forecasts.

Understand Your Impact With Our Event-Based Modeling and Economic Impact Tools. JobsEQ is flexible to help you test a variety of economic events or alternative forecasts to see their effect on your economy.

...JobsEQ is a tremendous resource, providing detailed data for industries and occupations that is simply not available elsewhere...Value

Price: Pay less for more functionality with annual licenses. Tiered pricing based on population and partner licensing arrangements are available.

Flexibility: Standard and customizable reports give you the ability to cost-effectively examine labor markets throughout your state and across the nation. Easy download features, a variety of visualization options, and simple copy/paste functionality let you quickly find and use the information you need.  

Effectiveness: JobsEQ provides extensive data sets to make evaluating complex decisions and events easy.

Customer Service

Model Evolution: JobsEQ models and analytics are continually being updated by Chmura’s economists and statisticians, staying abreast of the current critical needs of our clients.

Support and Training: Chmura believes our data should inspire our customers to action. We offer user support through smart system design, live chat, and customized training.

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