A software tool that gives you the labor market data and analysis you need to make good decisions.

JobsEQ is Software as a Service (SaaS) that gives you 24-hour online access to our labor market data. Designed and developed with data governance as the priority, our economists and data scientists ensure that our tools provide credible data. JobsEQ helps site selectors and economic developers identify unique workforce characteristics within their communities and provide quality data to clients by describing current industry and demographic trends, and targeted occupation and labor market information. JobsEQ can deliver data-driven empirical evidence that a region’s workforce has the skills they need, and uses charts, tables, and maps to help your audience visualize the talent pipeline.

Main Features

Employment, wages, and demographic data are all provided at the zipcode level of detail. You’re able to define your region by a radius or drive-time from an address then quickly and easily create dynamic reports and presentations that couple current regional demographics with occupation-specific data or education data, for example. We also have real-time job postings and resume data.

Cloud-Based Access

Chmura’s proprietary modeling and forecasts bring together scores of unique data sources so you have the data you need, when you need it, with the at-a-glance dashboard giving you visibility into the most relevant analytics immediately upon logging in. With the click of a button, you can download a report on your region's economy from an employment, industry, and occupation perspective.

Event-Based Modeling

Our highly flexible platform enables you to customize your data in a variety of ways, including building custom regions, and custom industry and occupation groups, to test economic events or alternative forecasts and get insight on the impact each makes on the economy.

Visualization Tools

All our data are exportable, allowing you to easily extract data, then create visuals of your data as customized charts and tables, cluster analyses, or data maps for the most impactful reports and presentations.

Data-Driven Solutions

Decision tools help you identify unique assets within your community, compare your competition in terms of labor supply, occupation details, training assets, and other key areas to better assess risks and opportunities and develop the best strategy.

Expert Support

Our live chat support feature provides real-time answers to your questions, and our online training sessions help your organization maximize the platform's models and features.

Additional Modules


Online job postings data that provide intelligence on the number of openings by occupation plus job locations, employers, job titles, and required certifications, to identify current job demand.



Millions of online resumes that will help you understand your local workforce.


Career Concourse

Easy-to-use online tool that empowers job seekers or job counselors with assessment tests, regional occupation information and real-world job openings to help job seekers explore opportunities.



Detailed labor market data from timely and credible sources that create an accurate picture of labor supply, labor cost, and economic climate, to identify the best location for business expansion.


Data & APIs

We offer JobsEQ data in whatever format works for you: bulk data, a file export, or an API that integrates JobsEQ data into your external website or internal research tool. Saves research time and can help your workforce find jobs directly from your site. 


JobsEQ FITCertification Program

Become a more expert user of the data and features of JobsEQ. Become “JobsEQ Certified” and bring added value to your organization.



Data-driven products, tools and expertise to answer complex questions and implement solutions.

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Advanced economic data sets and analysis to help public and private clients evaluate specific issues.


Chat function is helpful with very close to real-time responses to my questions. As a customer, I feel my concerns have been listened to and addressed. The tool provides an excellent array of LMI and has been extraordinarily helpful in informing the development of our regional workforce investment strategies. The tool is very powerful and and I am still learning about many of its capabilities.

Workforce Development Council
Washington State

Chmura Economics’ JobsEQ tool is an invaluable resource for us as a Chamber and Economic Development Organization. Our staff uses it all day, every day.  One of JobsEQ’s strong points is that its data are all thoroughly sourced and cited, so the user always knows exactly where the data came from and what it means. Our organization joined JobsEQ in 2015 and we have been so pleased with the quality of work, the ongoing development of the tool and the excellent service they provide.

Chamber and Economic Development Organization

JobsEQ puts all the multiple data sources into one functionable location so that we can pull data to satisfy our needs. Thank you so much for all you do to make our job more powerful.

County Economic Development Authority

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