Workforce Development

We’re helping clients develop workforce strategic plans in regions from California to Virginia by creating custom labor market reports or providing consulting services using a mixed-method approach, combining secondary data analysis with primary data from focus groups and interviews from representatives of stakeholder groups.

The County of San Bernardino Local Workforce Investment Board relies on Chmura annually for industry and labor market intelligence services that include studies, analyses, forecasts, and recommendations for workforce development strategies. The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board was faced with a more specific challenge – an aging manufacturing workforce that meant impending retirements and skill shortages – and engaged Chmura for a targeted study. Our research and analysis identified opportunities and processes for the client and its regional partners to collaborate on training, knowledge transfer, and up-skilling younger workers to help prepare the future workforce.  

Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning for State and Local Workforce Areas
  • Economic Impact of Defense Spending
  • Forecasting In-Demand Occupations
  • Labor Market Analysis

Our WOrk

Job GrowthPotential

We examined the regional economy and industries for the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board to identify high-demand occupations and occupations that pay above average wages and are projected for strong growth.


Demand forEducation

We employed a mixed-method approach, combining secondary data analysis with primary data from focus groups and interviews with workforce stakeholders, job seekers, and businesses, to investigate demand for a Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training.



We looked at the current demographic and economic trends for the Opportunity Inc. region’s largest industries to help the Workforce Investment Board identify occupation gaps and employment trends in key occupation areas in order to make projections for the region.


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