Our corporate clients are energy companies, real estate developers, engineering firms, law firms, industry associations, non-profits, healthcare systems, and other private sector corporations. To determine whether to invest in infrastructure, support applications for development plans, or justify a diversification in offerings, they rely on custom studies conducted by the economists at Chmura. 

We will analyze the impact of an industry on a regional, state, or national level. We can look at industry sales, employment and wages, or quantify the economic impact of capital expenditures over the next five years, or look at the fiscal benefits of a corporate investment from construction to ongoing operation.

Our services include:

  • Economic Impact of Investments
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis of Investments
  • Economic Impact of Industries, Occupations, Associations
  • Interest Rate Forecasts
  • Economic Impact of Regulatory Environment


Capital ExpenditureImpact

We analyzed the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of spending for a utility company, including electricity generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, as well as environmental and other projects to determine their job creation and economic impact.

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Real EstateDevelopment

We examined the economic and fiscal impacts of a mixed-use development that included single and multi-family residential, office, hotel, retail, restaurants, and industrial space on Caroline County.



We contributed to an evaluation of establishing a new Amtrak passenger station, by quantifying the economic impacts of construction and ongoing operations, for Wendel.


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