JobsEQ Technology Platform

We have the only labor analytic technology platform in the country, called JobsEQ®, which is designed, built and tested by senior labor economists. All of our labor data mining services, tools and applications are built from JobsEQ.

Our technology platform combines the science of analytics with the art of intuition.  Our clients can test their intuition through real world analysis of hundreds of data variables from dozens of sources.

What sets us apart from our competition is that we believe our clients deserve to know if the market reports, predictive indicators and scorecards they rely on to make real world decisions have validity and reliability.

To test the validity and reliability of our analytics, we offer more than several visualizations of general datasets. As data scientists, we educate our clients on the statistical significance of data relationships from a national, regional to a hyper-local level.  We teach our clients how to test their hunches about the market through a series of analytical processes. We demonstrate to them how to use technology to move beyond general assumptions by asking a series of detailed questions. 

When millions of dollars are on the line for making a labor decision, broad generalizations and misguided assumptions are not an option. Through our process of educating and guiding our clients on how to test data assumptions and use technology tools, we ensure our clients can discern between good and bad data, good analytics and bad analytics.

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