Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Tends to Overstate Education Return on Investment (ROI)

With dwindling government appropriations for higher education and elevated student loan default rates, more colleges and universities are conducting Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to demonstrate that higher education is a sound investment for students, taxpayers, and society at large. Those institutions include for-profit colleges, community colleges, and public and private not-for-profit four-year colleges.

Hot-Jobs and Cool-Moves

Are you wondering what area of study your recent college-bound freshmen will choose? Maybe you can help by giving them something to aim for! And let them know where they can find a job once they’ve earned that degree, as some people may like warmer weather while others prefer cooler climates. In fact, providing information about the wages they could earn with that potential degree might be the best advise you can give them as they prepare for their upcoming campus experience!

Federal Budget Cuts Could Hamper Growth in Some Metro Areas

The map below shows non-defense contract spending by MSA from FY 2000 to 2015. The circles are proportional (i.e., they are scaled to the value of defense contracts in that MSA). Beginning in FY 2001, the color of each circle indicates whether non-defense contract spending in the MSA declined (red) or increased (green) from a year earlier. The map can be manually advanced or will advance automatically when you click on “Play.” The table below the map shows DoD contract spending in the top 100 MSAs and updates each time a new fiscal year is selected.