Where Are Occupational Health and Safety Professionals Needed Most?

Since June is celebrated as National Safety Month, we thought it would be interesting to consider safety in the context of the workforce. When we first think of occupations related to safety, we may consider workers such as law enforcement professionals, fire fighters, and EMTs—people whose job it is to respond to a specific and often anticipated threat.

Occupational Demand: Pennsylvania Versus the Nation

For workforce developers, knowing which occupations are most in demand is an essential component for developing programs that meet the needs of their local labor markets. However, a particular occupation growing nationally doesn’t necessarily mean it is growing in every geographical market. In this article, we’ll consider the projected occupational growth demand in Pennsylvania compared with growth demand in the nation.

Workers Per Establishment: Structural Shifts in Manufacturing

Recently, we wrote about employment growth in manufacturing. Here, we look at manufacturing growth in terms of workers per establishment. Prior to the recession, the average number of workers per manufacturing establishment had been declining. During the recession, the decline accelerated before recovering somewhat and then plateauing at an average of about 36 workers per establishment in 2012. Most manufacturing sub-sectors (three-digit NAICS codes) followed the same general trend.